Ashburn Waters (2019) บรรยายไทยแปล
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เรื่องย่อ Ashburn Waters (2019) บรรยายไทยแปล
When a string of unexplained deaths occur at Ashburn Waters Campgrounds, the facility is forced to close its gates for the safety of the public. Months later, authorities still have no leads, and the campgrounds lay dormant. Until Easter weekend, when a group of campers sneak in, as they failed to book a site anywhere else on Australia's busiest camping weekend. Among them is Brett, a young man going through a hard time in his life. The source of which is his now ex-girlfriend Scout, who brought along her new love interest just to rub it in his face. And to make matters worse, something is killing off his friends, one by one. Who or what is killing the campers at Ashburn Waters?