The Scala (2015)
ความยาว : 56 นาที ปี : 2015
วันเข้าฉาย : 01 Oct 2015 เรทติ้ง : N/A/10
ประเภท : Documentary
ประเทศ : N/A
ผู้กำกับ : Aditya Assarat
นักแสดง : Sompong Kongkachat, Saman Watcharasirirot, Prachoom Wisethchuchat
เรื่องย่อ The Scala (2015)
The Scala opened its doors in 1970. It had one thousand seats and every night, they were filled. In those days, going to the movies was something special. The cinema was a place where people got dressed up, went on dates, and fell in love. But today, everything has changed. There is a multiplex in every mall and the young generation watch movies on their phone. But at The Scala, time has stood still. The cinema is still run by many of the same staff who have been there from the beginning. It is now the last remaining standalone cinema left in Bangkok. And soon, its time will come to an end too.